Saturday Inquiry

Was reading another blog where the writer was listing his “top books of the last decade”, mentioning one that he had read several times. What I’d like to know is:

What books have you read more than once? AND (part 2) What is the most number of times you have read a particular book? (Of course, WHY have you read these books more than once could be part of your answer…)

Trying to think of my answers…

Probably the book I’ve read the largest number of times is “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin” (maybe 5 or 6 times) Somehow, reading this book leaves me with the feeling that “I can really do something with my life” (And – before you ask –  no, I haven’t yet!) and it is full of little nuggets of wisdom. It makes one feel that success in life or any endeavor is not that difficult to achieve with the proper approach and mindset.

Other books I’ve read more than once:
“On the Road” – Jack Kerouac
“The Picture of Dorian Gray” – Oscar Wilde
“The Way of All Flesh” – Samuel Butler (a great, “unknown” classic if you asked me)
“Return of the Native” – Thomas Hardy (and who can forget the Hallmark Movie adaptation featuring Catherine Zeta-Jones as Eustachia Vye… Ah, totally bewitching…)

If I can think of others, I’ll add them later.


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