Reading Progress(?)

Haven’t had a lot of time to do any hardcore reading this week, but I look forward to a quiet Saturday & Sunday morning, where I can make good progress.

I’m up to chapter 28 in “Waverly”; our hero has been stripped of his commission in the British army, but is pleasantly distracted by the Scottish lass, Flora, who may or may not accept him, it seems…

I’m also about 25% into the book “The Smartest Guys in the Room”, which is my book club’s January book. I’m still finding it interesting and entertaining, and my business and accounting background probably helps make it a good read for me. I am concerned some of the others in my book club may not be enjoying it, but part of our club’s stated goal is to read outside our normal genres, so I guess that’s okay.

I also read that Indianapolis (hey, my ‘reality city’ also ends in ‘polis’…) will have a discussion at the southport library on January 25th of the One City, One Book selection “Some Buried Caesar” by Rex Stout. If I can get through these other two books in time, I’d like to read that one as well and then see who (or how many) shows up for the discussion. Maybe by then my new blog here will have gained a head of steam.

Still looking for suggestions for my Project: Civil War (hereafter “PCW”) reading list. Need to pick up a copy of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” as well. If I read that by the end of the month, and the Rex Stout book, and the other two I’m currently involved in, that would make 4 books in January – a bit ahead of my normal pace but, after reading some other blogger’s posts on-line, that doesn’t seem like so much after all.

More later…

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