Why Bibliophilopolis?

What the heck is Bibliophilopolis?!

I often joke with people by observing, “Well, in MY dictatorship…” suggesting examples of how living under my (benevolent, of course!) dictatorship would be preferable to our current civilization. I can imagine that one of the great cities of my dictatorship would be called Bibliophilopolis – a city of book lovers. I’m picturing the city of “Christminster” in Thomas Hardy’s novel “Jude the Obscure”* or, probably more appropriate, his youthful and naive vision of what that city must be like. My Bibliophilopolis would attract citizens of like-minded appreciation for books and reading, and it would be a ‘magical destination’ for many (now I’m thinking of “The Emerald City” in Baum’s “Wizard of Oz.”)

Think of Bibliophilopolis what you will, readers and writers will always be welcome here, and the sentries guarding the gates admit virtually everyone…

*where is the icon for ‘underline’ in my dashboard?? Maybe I’ll find one by my next post.


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