Why a blog?

Well, why would anyone create a blog about books and reading? Yes, I am in a book club (my second one – the first one petered out about 1999) and we’re reading our 40th book this month, BUT one book a month is not enough for me. So… I figured I’d maintain a log here of what I was reading and thinking about reading. My book club has a web site http://www.ircbookclub.wetpaint.com if you’d like to check it out.

It’s 2010 and the book I’m reading now (actually started in 2009) is Waverly by Sir Walter Scott (of Ivanhoe fame). I’m on chapter 25 and it is pretty slow going for me. I’m a relatively slow reader anyway, but this is a 2-minutes per page (at least) book for me. Lots of notes and ‘obscure’ references that slow things down even further, but I am learning a lot of new words and something about Scotland, and its history.

What else is on tap for this month? Well, my book club is reading “The Smartest Guys in the Room” (about the collapse of Enron a few years back) which is “due” by January 28th when we meet. Also, I hope to read Indianapolis’s “One City, One Book” book, Some Buried Caesar” by Rex Stout. There are several discussion meetings around town at various MCPL locations in mid-January and I’d kind of like to read it and attend one of those to see what it’s all about.

2010’s “Project”

In recent years I’ve tried to have a year-long reading project (the most memorable one being Project: Shakespeare in 2008 (still working on that one, btw). After much deliberation, I’ve pretty much decided 2010 will be Project: Civil War, with the goal being to read one Civil War-related book per month for a total of 12.

I’ve had several suggested books already (and would welcome more…), but the only two I’ve “locked in” so far are Gone With the Wind and, to start things off: Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It was, after all, “the book that started the Civil War.” I figured icould read that in January while I tried to think of the rest. And, I want most of the rest to be non-fiction too. History, biographies, etc. I want to be an “expert” by the end of the year…

More Later…


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